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Songs that were played at the conference (and the Sunday before Basics) are bolded.

  1. All Hail the Power of Jesus’ Name-Key of E (GospelCoalition), Monday 7 PM
  2. All I Have Is Christ- Key of C (, Tuesday 9:15
  3. All My Ways (Cityalightcom), Sunday PM
  4. All People That On Earth Do Dwell – A cappella(sung to Doxology), Sunday AM
  5. And Can It Be- Key of F, Standard hymn, set to band arrangement, Wednesday, 9:30 AM
  6. Before the Throne of God- Key of C (, Tuesday 1:15
  7. Behold Our God-Key of C (, Tuesday 7 PM
  8. Come Behold the Wondrous Mystery- Key of D, Tuesday 1:15
  9. Come Down, O Love Divine- Key of C to D, Standard hymn, Wednesday 11 AM
  10. Come Thou Fount-Key of C or D, Standard Hymn set to band arrangement, Tuesday 1:15
  11. Cornerstone-Key of C (Song
  12. Crown Him With Many Crowns-Key of C to D, Monday 4:30 PM
  13. Everlasting God- Key of A or Bb(, Monday 3 PM
  14. Facing a Task/We Go to All the World (Gettymusic), Monday 3 PM
  15. Hallelujah for the Cross- Key of A, Ross King and Todd Wright, Sunday PM
  16. He Will Hold Me Fast-Key of G or Ab (Gettymusic), Sunday AM
  17. Here O My Lord, I See You Face to Face-Key of D to Eb, Standard hymn, Tuesday 7 PM
  18. How Deep the Father’s Love for Us-Key of D or E, Sunday AM
  19. How Firm a Foundation-Key of G, Tuesday 9:15 AM
  20. How Great Thou Art- A to Bb, Standard hymn, Monday 3 PM
  21. I Cannot Tell (tune is Londonerry Aire), Standard hymn
  22. It is Well With My Soul, Key of A to Bb, Standard hymn
  23. In Christ Alone- Key of D to Eb (GettyMusic), Wednesday 11 AM
  24. Jesus, Thank You-Key of G (
  25. King of Love My Shepherd Is-(I Am They) Key of A, Tuesday 9:15 AM
  26. Lord, I Need You, Key of D, ( Wednesday 9:30 AM
  27. Love Divine, All Loves Excelling (Rowlands tune)-Key of F, Standard hymn
  28. Man of Sorrows (Hillsong) Key of C or D (
  29. May the Peoples Praise You-Key of C (GettyMusic)
  30. My Song is Love Unknown-Standard Hymn
  31. Oh Shout for Joy-Key of D (GettyMusic), Sunday PM
  32. Praise My Soul the King of Heaven- Key of C to D ( Sunday AM
  33. Salvation’s Song-Key of F#m (, Sunday PM
  34. Sooner Count the Stars- Key of D (Sovereign GraceMusic.Org), Tuesday 7 PM
  35. Speak Oh Lord-Key of A (, Wednesday 11 AM
  36. The Lord is My Salvation-Key of A (Getty Music), Wednesday 9:30 AM
  37. There is a Hope-Key of B, (
  38. This is Amazing Grace-Key of E or F (, Monday 7 PM
  39. When I Survey the Wondrous Cross-Key of C to D (Appalachian tune)
  40. Word of God- Key of Ab ( Key of Ab, Monday 7 PM

Thank you for attending Basics 2017. If we can assist you with a guitar chart or lead sheet that has not been published or made available on the web, or if you have further comments, please contact Ruth Juergemeier at We are happy to serve you! May Jesus Christ be praised!