2017 Basics Conference Booklets

Download the 2017 Basics Conference Booklet with details about the conference speakers, schedule and more. Also download the 2017 Basics Recommended Reading list which includes Alistair Begg’s Top 10 Reading List and a list of books by Sinclair Ferguson and Albert Mohler. Download PDF (1.2 MB) Download PDF (1.4 MB)

Session 5 and Concluding Remarks – Alistair Begg – Video

In 2 Corinthians, the Apostle Paul listed a multitude of severe hardships and persecutions he had faced, describing them as a “light affliction.” Alistair Begg calls pastors to consider Paul’s experiences when dealing with challenges in their own ministry. With confidence that one’s calling and appointment are from Christ Himself, relying on His Word for … Continued

Q & A – Main Session Speakers – Video

Listen in as Pastors Begg, Carson, and Moody field questions from conference attendees that cover a range of topics such as developing church leadership, preaching with sensitivity on challenging cultural topics, coping with stress and disappointment, and designing effective family devotions. Listen to the Audio | Watch the Video

Basics 2016 Song Bank

Thank you for attending Basics 2016. Download the song bank our music team was working from, with the songs that were played at the conference in bold:   Basic 2016 Song Bank List   People frequently ask “How do you pick the songs that you sing in worship? We try to be very consistent in … Continued

Question and Answer with Alistair – Video

In this session, Pastor Alistair Begg responds to questions from 2016 Basics attendees on a variety of topics, including missions, social media, and strategies for leading the local church. Listen to the Audio | Watch the Video

“How to Answer Your Critics” – Josh Moody – Video

For those who seek to serve God, unjust criticism is unavoidable and the resulting emotional pain can affect us more deeply than physical pain. How are believers to face this kind of opposition? As Josh Moody reminds us, the answer lies in theology and in applying the biblical truths that we believe. Because Jesus’ redemptive … Continued

Breakout Session – “The Pastor as Counselor” by Jonathan Holmes

There are few things in pastoral ministry which can seem as daunting as pastoral counseling. While many pastors enjoy the personal study and proclamation of the Word, many struggle to minister the word of God to hurting and struggling believers. Should pastors be involved with counseling? When do you refer out to a professional counselor? … Continued

“A Peculiar Prayer for Power” – D.A. Carson – Video

Since public prayers serve as examples, pastors often model their own prayers on examples from the Scriptures. Teaching from Ephesians 3, D.A. Carson explores Paul’s prayer for believers to be particularly empowered to grasp God’s great love. We need the Lord to strengthen us from within in order to develop this understanding, and it is … Continued