Basics 2018 Song Bank

Thank you for attending Basics 2018. Download the song bank our music team was working from, with the songs that were played at the conference in bold:

PDF icon Basic 2018 Song Bank List

People frequently ask “How do you pick the songs that you sing in worship?

  • We try to be very consistent in using songs that are theologically TRUE and for the most part, have a measure of depth- songs that speak of who God is, and of His attributes, rather than our own experience. Most of our songs are not too repetitive or “fluffy”.
  • A singable melody that is attainable for the congregation is very important, as is the key placement of the song. The easiest or brightest key for the band is not always an achievable congregational key, due to the placement of the melody and vocal range. We do consistently attempt to use the songs in a very singable key (or transpose them into one) in order that the congregation may be able to participate well.

If we can assist you with a guitar chart or lead sheet that has not been published or made available on the web, or if you have further comments, please contact Ruth at Parkside Church at We are happy to serve you! May Jesus Christ be praised!